Tinte XL rebuilt black 21ml

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CHF 29.90

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    WECARE 302XL / F6U68AEWE

    WECARE 302XL / F6U68AEWE

    Tinte XL rebuilt black 21ml

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    This article is suitable for the following printers: HP (Hewlett-Packard) 302XL, DeskJet 1110, DeskJet1110, DeskJet-1110, DeskJet 2130 AiO, DeskJet2130AiO, DeskJet-2130-AiO, DeskJet 2132 AiO, DeskJet2132AiO, DeskJet-2132-AiO, DeskJet 2133 AiO, DeskJet2133AiO, DeskJet-2133-AiO, DeskJet 2134 AiO, DeskJet2134AiO, DeskJet-2134-AiO, DeskJet 3630, DeskJet3630, DeskJet-3630, Envy 4527 AiO, Envy4527AiO, Envy-4527-AiO, F6U65AE, F6U66AE, F6U67AE, F6U68AE, OfficeJet 3830, OfficeJet3830, OfficeJet-3830, OfficeJet 4650, OfficeJet4650, OfficeJet-4650, OfficeJet 4654, OfficeJet4654, OfficeJet-4654, OfficeJet 5220, OfficeJet5220, OfficeJet-5220

    EAN-Code: 3112539776299



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