PELIKAN Farbband Nylon schwarz Gr.153 zu Brother AX 10 8mm/15m

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18.90 CHF

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    Dieser Artikel passt zu folgenden Druckern:Brother 10301031103210331034103510371230AX 10AX 10 OekoAX 10/CAX 100AX 110AX 12AX 12 MAX 120AX 130AX 140AX 145AX 15AX 18AX 20AX 210AX 22AX 220AX 230AX 24AX 240AX 245AX 25AX 250AX 26AX 28AX 30AX 300AX 310AX 320AX 33AX 330AX 340AX 35AX 350AX 410AX 425AX 430AX 440AX 45AX 450AX 550Compactronic 145Compactronic 340Compactronic 360DW 430EM 30EM 3011EM 31EM 60GP 16 S 10GX 6000GX 7000GX 8000GX 9000LW 1LW 10LW 20LW 30LW 35LW 350LW 400LW 450LW-1LW-10LW-20LW-30LW-35LW-350LW-400LW-450StudentwriterStudentwriter IIStudentwriter XL ISX 14SX 16WP 1700WP 4 VWP 490WP 5WP 6WP 60WP 660 EWP 70WP 75WP 77 SWP 85WP 95WPT 470WPT 480WPT 490ZX 50Canon CW 110CW 150CW 220Elite S 7100S 7600Facit T 90M-Office 105110130145DW 105DW 15DW 300DW 45Olympia Carina 2000Carina 2000 MDCarina 3000Monika 2SplendidSplendid 33Splendid 66Splendid 7622Splendid MDTexstarTexstar MDTexstar WPXarina 2000 WPPanasonic KR-P 335KX-ED 16KX-P 300KX-P 310KX-R 1500KX-R 190KX-R 191KX-R 192KX-R 193KX-R 194KX-R 195KX-R 196KX-R 20KX-R 200KX-R 210KX-R 250KX-R 300KX-R 310KX-R 315KX-R 320KX-R 330KX-R 335KX-R 350KX-R 430KX-R 435KX-R 440KX-R 800KX-W 1000KX-W 1030KX-W 1510KX-W 900KX-WD 55W 900Privileg 1500500 EElectronic 1100Electronic 1500Electronic 3500Samsung EQ 1000EQ 1000 WEQ 3000SQ 1000SQ 1020SQ 3000SQ 3020SQ-W 1000

    EAN-Code: 4018474507532

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