PELIKAN 520668

PELIKAN Farbband Nylon schwarz Gr.615 Tally MT 400 9mm/10m

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CHF 15.60

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    PELIKAN 520668

    PELIKAN 520668

    PELIKAN Farbband Nylon schwarz Gr.615 Tally MT 400 9mm/10m

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    Dieser Artikel passt zu folgenden Druckern:Canon ADDS CX 1BK ADDS CXXerox 820Allied Comp. Systems 17861788Bull 1076 A1912-0341912-0361912-037430243367082CPS 2214CPS 2224CPS 2350CPS 240CPS 2403CPS 2414CPS 2422CPS 2424CPS 250CPS 2502CPS 252CPS 2522CPS 260CPS 2603CPS 262CPS 2622CPX 1001CPX 1002CPX 1003CPX 2250CSF 1901CSF 2009CSF 2109CSF 3001CSF 3009CSF 4104CSF 4336CSF 8801CSF 8802CSU 6015CSU 6601CSU 6602CSU 7101IER 310IMP 21IMP 22IMP 23L 11L 12 CQIL 32L 32 CQIL 34 CQL 36 CQL 38LCSPLCSP 30Lina 4 XPE 0635PE 0672PE 0696PE 0704PE 0705PE 0938PE 0983PR 0672PR 0696PRT 1200PRT 1201PRT 1202PRT 1910PRT 1911PRT 1912PRT 1930PRT 1931PRT 7142PRT 7200PRT 7201PRT 7202PRT 7203PRU 0020PRU 0030PRU 0040PRU 0041PRU 0044PRU 0046PRU 1001PRU 1002PRU 1003PRU 1004PRU 1005PRU 1020PRU 1021PRU 1022PRU 1023PRU 1024PRU 1025PRU 1026PRU 1028PRU 1032PRU 1033PRU 1034PRU 1035PRU 1036PRU 1037PRU 148PRU 1901PRU 1904PRU 200 30PRU 2401PRU 30PRU 31PRU 32PRU 33PRU 34PRU 35PRU 36PRU 37PRU 38PRU 39PRU 42PRU 43PRU 4334PRU 4336PRU 44PRU 48PRU 5060PRU 5065PRU 5066PRU 5070PRU 5075PRU 5080PRU 5081PRU 5103PRU 5128PRU 5132PRU 5170PRU 5175PRU 5180PRU 5185PRU 5211PRU 5232PRU 5270PRU 5280PRU 5332PRU 5333PRU 5334PRU 7005PRU 7023PRU 7025PRU 7026PRU 7027PRU 7028PRU 7033PRU 7035PRU 7036PRU 7037PRU 7038PRU 7042PRU 7050PRU 7051PRU 7060PRU 7061PRU 7065PRU 7066PRU 7070PRU 7071PRU 7072PRU 7075PRU 7076PRU 7077PRU 7080PRU 7081PRU 7082PRU 7083PRU 7095PRU 71PRU 7128PRU 7142PRU 7203PRU 7242PRU 7938PRU 91PRU 9112PRU 9113PRU 9114PRU 9614PS 242Questa MQuestar MQuestar S 11Questar S 31Qustar S 10R 25R 32R 38RM 511Rosy 26S 10S 11S 20S 30Sarah 11TTU 8000TTU 8124TTU 8124 oldTTU 8125TTU 8126TTU 8126 oldTTU 8127TTU 8129TTU 8221TTU 8221 oldTTU 8223TTU 8224TTU 8229TWU 1001TWU 1002TWU 1003TWU 1005TWU 9104TWU 9105TWU 9106TWU 9112TWU 9113TWU 9114ZCS 22Bunker Ramo 70/400DMPBurroughs 7206AP 1310Commodore 16021612402480248024 A8024 B8082T 1705Diablo 1694P 10 1P 12 SQ 1P 31P 32P 38S 11S 31S 32S 38Ericsson 3671367641817181Erni E 100 ROE 300 ROE 320E 320 LQE 380 ROFacit 41817181GBT 18021802 DP52035203 DP5203 MPHasler Easycom TelexSP 330 EasylineKienzle 254255D 2742D 2744Matrixdrucker 254Matrixdrucker 255Memorex 2054NCR 7475-04027475-4600Nixdorf Ison-System 8818Mini-CompactdruckerND 13ND 15ND 21ND 24ND 25ND 36ND 44ND 45ND 89SB 03SB 05SB 13SB 15Nokia 41817181ND 418ND 419Olympia BossNP 80-132Philips S/RC 28Pixa 604 S605 S610 Codiersystem612 S614 S615 S616 S620620 Codiersystem621622624625630630 Codiersystem631 S632 S6356406625Robotron 6310Europrint K 6311 FTFT 80 XK 6310K 6311K 6312K 6313K 6314K 6316K 6320Pr„s. 6313Pr„s. 6313 CRuf 2000E 100E 300Sharp Hayac 2800MX 80 KSiemens-Nixdorf GAA LobbyKADSB 13SB 15Sperry Rand 429Tally 1000160016021612180035707201707213707336MT 1000MT 1602MT 1605MT 1612MT 240MT 400MT 410MT 420MT 429MT 440 mit KitMT 460 DMT 480Serie 1000Unisys 429WaltherAC 24AC 33AE 33 UEC 33EF 33OM 33OM 83PT 33SAM 33Wenger Print Swiss Matrix

    EAN-Code: 4018474520661

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