Farbband Nylon schwarz Gr.5+6D Hermes 13mm/10m

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CHF 14.90

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    Dieser Artikel passt zu folgenden Druckern:Brother 1000150016132000210220240 T250 TR262 TR3060440 ER/TR500600600 de Luxe650 TR660 TR662 TR700 De Luxe750 TR762Electric M 3112Electric M 3600Electric M 4512Electric M 4600Electric M 4612M 3112M 3600M 6213PoletricVariantCanon P 1421ABC 830Butec 10008000 A8000 BCasio Compact 713Citizen S 4X 3GBT 5201 MPHermes 103000605770089AmbassadorBabyElectricElectric VariaHXD 2 2Media 3Precisa 7600Imperial FleetwoodMatic PortableMercuryPortablePortable 100Portable 200Portable Mod. 1000Portable Mod. 200 NPortable Mod. 220SafariSignetJapy 121 S212 S50P 6P 68P 8P 88P 90S 17S 18S 19S 29S 38S 48Olivetti LX 180TW Spool RibbonsPrivileg 20 TR27030 TR330420 P510 Elec.590 Elec.70 SKDe LuxeElect. PortableRemington KonsoleU IIIRoyal Mod. 1000Portable de LuxeQuiet de LuxeSafary Portable 200Safary Portable 240Safary Portable 260UltronicRuf KL. 700Nr. 51Nr. 54Sharp BA 130MZ 80 P 3Sperry Rand Compact-EL 713L 11005Silver Reed SR 2500 SLSanyo SerdTriumph-Adler (TA) Gabriele 10Gabriele 2300Junior 10Junior 12Underwood 18216Champion Portablede Luxe LeaderJunior PortableStandard 5-10Utax 1001

    EAN-Code: 4045257600517

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