KORES Farbband correctable schwarz Gr.165C Olivetti ET 221 8mm/275m

An Lager

CHF 15.90

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    KORES Farbband correctable schwarz Gr.165C Olivetti ET 221 8mm/275m

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    Dieser Artikel passt zu folgenden Druckern:Bull CSF 6019PRU 7101C.Itoh 100030005000C 084C 1000C 1000eC 1000SQeC-1000C-1000eC-1000SQeC084Commodore 2022Esselte Scribona 20Scribona 22Scribona 23Scribona 30Hermes Toptronic 21Infotec Malice 1200Malice 1900Malice 2000Juki TGMinolta-QMS501EW 401EW 501Olivetti 1030 WP201221231243351545 E548 S808208082980829GAntares 6000BY 311DY 211DY 311DY 811ET 101ET 1010ET 1010 WPET 1020 WPET 1030 WPET 121ET 121 AET 125ET 201ET 202ET 211ET 212ET 221ET 222ET 224ET 225ET 231ET 243ET 245 EET 248 SET 251ET 321ET 351ET 351 TKET 401ET 420ET 450ET 501ET 505ET 506ET 600ET CARTET SerieETcartETS 1010ETS 1020ETS 1030ETS 2010ETS 2020EXP 500EXP 550EXP 770PR 225PR 251PR 259PR 351PR 420PR 430PR 450PR 505PR 540PR 550TES 1000TES 351TES 401TES 501TES 516TES 545 ETES 548 STES 601TES 621TES 701TES SeriesTescartTescart 243TEX 1000TTX 1010TTX 1020TTX 401TTX 501WP 1020WP 1030Panasonic Jetwriter IJetwriter IIKE-E 2000KE-E 2020KE-E 2500KX-E 300KX-E 315KX-E 400KX-E 400 DKX-E 4000KX-E 4020KX-E 408KX-E 500KX-E 508KX-E 601KX-E 603KX-E 700KX-E 700 MKX-E 701KX-E 708KX-E 828MX-E 400 DQMS EW 401EW 501Remstar 108208208 S308608Sigma SM 8600Silver Reed DMP 900EX 200EX 200 IFEX 300EX 300 FDEX 300 IFEX 50EX 55EX 55 MEX 56EX 66EX 66 FDEX 66 IFEX 77EX 78EX 78 EEX 78 FDEXP 500SR 500SR 9000Sanyo PR 5500TEC TW 2000TW 3000TW 5000Utax T 2000T 2300T 3000

    EAN-Code: 4045257616549

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